On Jan 25, 2005, at 4:17 PM, Andrew E Switala wrote:

> Suppose you have a document with references to MODS records in several
> external files, each of which refers to one or more MADS records in yet
> other external files. You want to flatten the document: embed all the
> MODS and MADS records so that there are no external dependencies. This
> instance document might never even reside on storage; it may be an
> intermediate stage, say, on the way to formatted output.
> Also, MODS instances already use up to three namespaces (not counting
> for the schemaLocation
> attribute): (MODS elements),
> (the href attribute), and
> (the lang attribute). Plus the
> non-namespace, where unqualified attributes go. How will another
> namespace add much complexity?

I think your first point is a reasonable point of discussion, though
I'd still prefer separate namespaces in this case.

Your second point isn't very convincing.  *Any* unnecessary additional
namespace it too many.  As I said in the other message, we need to keep
these questions separate.