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> I have no problem (I think) with leaving related more flexible.  In the
> above example, "United States" is surely not a geographic variant of
> the name "Bill Clinton"; is it?

I'm not going to try to justify this, but, yes, there is a version of
Clinton's name that is coded as geographic in the LoC authority record.
(Not a "see" reference, however, but a "see also" reference.) Regardless
of whether you think our name practices are insane (and I would not want
to have to defend them), the fact is that MADS will need to accommodate
them. (No, I don't know if the "see" references will always be of the
same type -- but I wouldn't bet on it.)

Here's the record in its print form:

LC Control Number:  n  82029644

HEADING:            Clinton, Bill, 1946-

Used For/See From:  Clinton, William J. (William Jefferson), 1946-
                    Blythe, William Jefferson, 1946-
                    Klintun, Bil, 1946-
                    Klinton, Bil, 1946-
                    Klinton, Bill, 1946-
                    Klinton, Uiliam Dzhefferson, 1946-
                    Kelindun, 1946-

Search Also Under:  Arkansas. Governor (1979-1981 : Clinton)
                    Arkansas. Governor (1983-1992 : Clinton)
                    United States. President (1993-2001 : Clinton)

Found In:     His Summary of exec. recommend. for the budget, State of
              Ark., FY 1980-81, 1981?: t.p. (Bill Clinton, governor)
              WWA, 1980/81 (Clinton, William J., b. 8/19/46; governor of
                      Ark., 1979-)
              Smith, D.S. The Arkansas handbook, c1984 (list of
              governors: Bill Clinton: 1979-1981; 1983- )
              Washington Post, 21 Jan. 1993: (William Jefferson Clinton
              elected 42nd President of the United States)
              New York times index, Dec. 1-15, 1992 (Pres.-elect Bill
              Clinton resigns as Gov. of Arkansas)
              Washington Post, Book world, Aug. 16, 1992: p. 9 (Gov.
              Bill Clinton of Arkansas; son of William Blythe; father
              killed in a car accident 3 months before Bill was born;
              William Jefferson Blythe IV, b. 8/19/1946; later adopted
              the name of his first stepfather, Roger Clinton)
              Washington Post, 06 Nov. 1996: (William Jefferson Clinton
              elected for second term as President of the United
              Bil Klintun, 1993: t.p. (Bil Klintun)
              Ben tikvah le-historyah, 1997: t.p. (Bil Klinton) t.p.
                verso (President Bill Clinton [in rom.])
                New York Times, Jan. 21, 2001: p. 1 (George Walker Bush
                sworn as 43rd U.S. pres. on Jan. 20, 2001; term of Pres.
                Clinton has expired)
                Anglo-russkii politicheskikh slovar, 2000: v. 2, p. 609:
                (under USA: Prezident Bill (Uiliam Dzhefferson)
                Meiguo wu shi nian lai de zheng zhi wai jiao he guo
                1998: t.p. (Clinton; Kelindun)

Not Found In:  His Emergency supplemental appropriations request, 1993:
               t.p. (communication from the President of the United
               States) p. 1 (William J. Clinton)

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