The XML Schema equivalent is <redefine>, which is like <include> except
that types in the included schema can be redefined as extensions or
restrictions of the original types. For example, the type library could
define a nameType without the <role> element. MODS could include the
type library in a <redefine> element and extend nameType to include
<role> in its content model.

This still leaves the issue of other schemata not being able to import
both MODS and MADS if they describe elements in the same namespace,
since one'd get conflicting definitions of nameType.


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But again, this is confusing namespace and definition; isn't it?
Regardless of how you do the namespaces, the definitions will need
different names if they are different.  Except ...

... in RNG, you can have a base definition in your library, and then
redefine it on import.   You can see a MODS-related example here,
I include mods in docbook, but redefine the mods extension element to
allow docbook content (for editing support):

Can you not do that in XSD?