(another sub-thread)

> Isn't the whole point of a type library that the definitions are
> global?

Glad you asked because it does seem that we have a few (at least two)
different views of its purpose.

I don't think the purpose is that definitions are global, because we don't
need a type library for that.

In mods, we have lots of global elements. For example, a mods instance could
consist solely of......


.........because <abstract> along with all the other top level elements are
declared as global.

So I think the purpose of a type library is to reuse definitions, by means
of import or include.

However, I think that the impasse here is that I've been trying to do this
via "import" and perhaps it should instead be via "include".    I think it's
the import that's causing the namespace complexity and I've been playing
around a bit this morning and am more optimistic that we can do this via