On Jan 28, 2005, at 9:09 AM, Ruth Bogan wrote:

> I wish the more finely grained fielding of the <part> element could be
> incorporated into the MODS <titleInfo> and <physicalDescription>
> elements.

Interesting observations.

I'd worry a bit about stretching the semantics too much.  Part was
conceived to explicitly refer to the metadata that locates an
analytical within a larger work.  That doesn't mean it couldn't be
broadened, but I'm just a little unclear of how would one use mods:part
in the content of mods:titleInfo?  And if it was used in that context,
what is the semantic meaning of mods:part?

BTW, just to reiterate two remaining issues I'd like to see addressed
in MODS v4, one of which is related to this discussion:

1)  the more-than-one-name-variant-in-a-mods-record issue I've posted
on a few times (and will probably continue to do so)

2)  markup within mods:titleInfo

*My* interest in 2 is a little different than Ruth's I think (as in, I
just want html-like tagging to indicate emphasis, or a foreign phrase,
or title-within-title, etc.), but perhaps they're still related?