On Jan 28, 2005, at 2:54 PM, Dick Thaxter wrote:

> I suggest that anyone who doubts the usefulness of the uniform title
> as a
> cataloger-constructed string might want to browse through one of the
> following sequences in any large catalog:  any major work by any major
> composer; any Bible translation; any U.S. Treaty heading; any author
> whose
> works have been heavily adapted, translated, criticized, etc.
> Shakespeare would be an obvious choice.

None of us want to rehash the argument I've made here a few times, but
I'll just mention it:

I think library catalogs are in general NOT easy to search, and that a
big part of the reason is the metadata of exactly this sort.

So, yes, you've got legacy and you've got the AAR2, but there are still
better ways to do human-friendly searching.