On Jan 29, 2005, at 11:16 PM, Barzilai Spinak wrote:

> The thing is, I dont want to download the schemas from the web *every
> time*
> I need validation or a web service is called, etc. I should be able
> to store local copies and do relative schemaLocation.

This I absolutely agree with, and would go even further: I think the
LoC should be releasing totally self-contained schemas, regardless of
whether the development process using a bunch of different included
files.  I should download a single file.

> So I download xml.xsd and xlink.xsd (which are the two schemas that
> mods
> depends on) and import them locally. It works fine, except for the
> <!DOCTYPE...> section in xml.xsd

I don't think the doctype declaration should be there to begin with.
Rather odd to use it for a schema, and it can cause processes to choke
if the DTD isn't present.