At 06:47 PM 1/10/2005, KAROL GUZMAN wrote:
>I am working in a clearinghouse for geospatial metadata, and I need to use
>a context set for this kinf of information. I could use Context sets for
>GILS , If I have  my metadata with  FGDC standard
>And I cant find the implementation of this context set, (.xsd) for

The GEO Context Set hasn't been created yet, as it would logically be a
superset of GILS.

My current draft of a GILS Context Set is at However, the discussion of this
context set hasn't completed on the ZNG list.

I believe that Mike Taylor has concerns about mapping multiple index names
to the same semantics, though apparently that is considered OK in the case
of "author/creator" and is also OK if the index names are in different
context sets. In GILS, we do have a few instances where multiple names are
needed for the same abstract concept.