Hi, Peter,

B&H Photo is listing a Tascam BR20 still, though it is no longer listed on
the Tascam Web site (at least the last time I checked about a month ago).

It's the only open reel machine that they show.

I think some of the Toronto vendors of Studer will sell you a machine with
a reasonable guarantee. They are on eBay as NeverBetterDeals and Filmco.
Talk to them.

I thought some version of the Otari 5050 was still in production. It is
still shown on the Otari Web site

I think these are, more-or-less, your best choices.

You need to know whether these tapes are quarter-track or two-track and the
speed ranges.

If you need to know more about track formats, I have info on my Web site at



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