At 09:25 PM 2/12/2005 -0800, Trey Bunn wrote:
>Hi everyone.  I've been lurking on here for a little
>while, and I have a quick question about head cleaning
>an audio cassette recorder/player.  What should I use
>to do this?  Are the cheap $5 store-bought (well,
>web-bought in my case, since a lot of stores don't
>sell cassette stuff anymore) head cleaner cassettes
>okay?  If so, which is better, wet or dry?  Or should
>I just clean the machine's parts with a Q-Tip and
>rubbing alcohol like my trusty big sister used to
>always tell me?
>Just looking for advice from the pros.

Trust your sister - advice from a non-pro.

Caution: isopropyl alcohol should be kept away from the capstain roller
(the rubber part). If there's an oxide buildup there, I just remove it by
rubbing, resorting to a flat toothpick or similar wooden tool (an orange
stick from the cosmetic counter is ideal) if needed. Someone may have a
better recommendation for the roller.

Q-tip is not as good as a lint-free pad. Mine are on wooden sticks, the
back of which can serve for the orange stick or toothpick. I'd also
recommend 95% isopropyl, not the version with more water. But she's on the
right track.

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