I just had a telephone call from someone who wants to edge-glue a broken 78 back together.  It is broken in 4 pieces, but the breaks miss the label.

The record is for exhibit, it will never be played. It was described as a 'master'. They have another copy of the record that can be played. The important thing about the broken record is a 'signature' on the record. I am guessing it is a famous signature? The caller says the breaks are 'clean' so there is no grove missing. It is a clean break (not a laminated Columbia).

They are looking for someone who knows how to put the record back together so it looks good. This probably means edge gluing, perhaps with 99 percent ethanol or some other solvent or super glue. They will pay a professional for this service.

If can take on this project, call:

    John Templeton at (213) 847-1540

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  Ron Fial