Hi Kevin

Whatever Software you use, You should think adout transferring at 24 Bit
rather than 16 and 96KHz (or 88.1Hz) rather than 44.1
If you want the best possible quality archive


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Hi Kevin,

Here's a list of some popular software programs you may want to check out:

Digital Audio Editors:
*     Pro-Tools (An industry standard)
*     SADiE (works with CEDAR for audio restoration applications)
*     Sound Forge 7.0 (popular)
*     Wavelab (popular)
*     Adobe Audition (was Cool Edit)
*     SAWStudio (recommended)
*     Samplitude Pro (recommended)
*     Media Cleaner (for batch conversions)

Digital Audio Processing Tools:
*     CEDAR (Excellent but very expensive)
*     Waves-Audio Restoration (Very good)

Ripping software:
*     Exact Audio Copy
*     CDWAV

Jonathan Wise
Canadian Museum of Civilization

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> Hello all,
> This is a follow-up to my format conundrum query a while back.  Thank
> you all for offering your suggestions on what I could use to replace
> 1/4" analog tape for archiving.  I have decided that, in addition to
> the CD-Rs that I generate of every original recording, I will begin to
> save .wav files to a 500GB hard drive.
> Now, my question is, what have those of you doing this found to be a
> high quality software to do the conversion to an uncompressed .wav
> file?
> Thank you,
> Kevin Irelan

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