At 01:41 PM 2/21/2005, Steven Smolian wrote:
>External hard drives are an implied new storage medium for audio files of
>greater resolution that 44.1-16


I think Jim Wheeler is suggesting this.

I don't think I'm buying.

A managed IT-approach to file storage should be safe. Single, stand-alone
hard drives are not, IMHO, safe.

When the ground thaws this spring, I'll have a 1 TB store at my neighbor's
mirroring my 1TB store in my home. Most of the items also live on either
two separate physical drives in the store as well as on the mirror store or
on each of the stores and a PC.

So, I end up with 4 copies in two physical locations, but on 4 different
drives, or 3 copies in 3 physical locations.



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