On Wed, 23 Feb 2005, Scott Phillips wrote:

> The overuse or inappropriate use of technology is a problem. Just
> because you have a tool doesn't mean it should be used, or tell you when
> it should be. Protools is software that easily allows that to happen
> because of its power, but the fault is the engineer/producer, not the
> hardware. 'Plugin' reverb, compression, and effects software do breed
> sameness, and the ability to 'fix' poor performances just allows
> mediocre recordings. Not really the equipments fault though.... just the
> humans'.

And those "humans" just aren't the engineers...

I believe that consumers "expect" a certain sound quality...much in the same
way as the recording has developed a certain expectation (standardization
and in my mind sterility) in live performance and performance on recordings.
Does a producer try to determine what the consumer wants or...

I let the musician determine the "sound," of their recording...and when
opening the door to the virtually limitless range of possibilities, they
sometimes find it overwhelming...while others know exactly what they want.
And, as I have experienced, what the musician wants is not always what the
critics want!