On 23/02/05, Karl Miller wrote:

> I am reminded of a seminar I had in the aesthetics of music...our
> teacher offered the scenario...not unlike a similar discussion, on
> this list, about "the future." It is the year 4,000 and you uncover a
> pile of jazz recordings survive. Musicologists worldwide
> examine the scores and try to determine the appropriate way to perform
> "ad lib." There are musicological forums and congresses held, papers
> are written, professorships are awarded, careers are made and others
> destroyed, books are published and over a period of years of intense
> debate a "performance standard" is developed based upon the research,
> diaries, newspaper articles, reviews, etc. Kinda makes you wonder what
> that "performance standard" would sound like.

Like a lot of jazz played today by people who have taken college courses
in jazz.

Actually the situation for Ancient Greek music is much as you describe -
only a few documents, and no recordings.

Don Cox
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