At 10:48 AM 2/23/2005 -0700, John Poirier wrote:

>3. I just bought a 1GB USB memory stick for C$120.  This sort of thing
>is getting cheaper very quickly.  How long will it be before they
>replace CDs as what I think of as a last-resort backup?

Last month, I paid half that for a 1.5 GB; I suspect that by now the price
is even lower.

I would like to see data on life expectancy before trusting it to archive,
though I recognize that it has none of the familiar failure modes. At the
least, I would look for ECC if it were a primary storage device.

Last, I note that CD as backup has largely been replaced by DVD - less
expensive, faster and less bulky. Of course, there are even fewer data for
DVD than for CD on longevity.

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