At 09:03 PM 2/23/2005 -0500, Jerome Hartke wrote:

>Does anyone have solid data showing that CD's are especially sensitive to
>UV? I see this mentioned rather frequently, but without supporting data.
>CD's are sensitive to IR, since that is the wavelength used for recording.

I have done simple tests using sunlight - whether the effect is due to UV,
visible light or heating I cannot say. The 'test' consisted of setting
discs with cyanine and phthalocyanine dyes in sunlight (Southern
California, summer) for a few hours. They were dye up and half of each disc
was covered with a card; all discs had been recorded. The phthalocyanine
showed no discoloration but the error rate increased; nevertheless, it was
readable. The cyanine was visibly bleached and was unreadable.

Quantitative testing is possible in a lab and the effort should not be
great if precise measurement is not required.

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