On 02/02/05, Dale Francis wrote:
>> Compression has side effects .... I do not think it should be used
>> when recording acoustic music.
> and I agree,  do not use compression when recording.
> and it's use for mastering is to overcome the playback mediums
> limitation.   Bob Katz recommends parallel compression for mastering,
> raise the low levels and not squash the loud levels.
> how do you feel about dithering?  and sample rate conversion?

Ideally we would listen to the undithered 24/96 or reel-to-reel master
or whatever else was the original recording. In practice, dithering down to
16/44 seems to work well and not be a major cause of problems. Like
anything else, it needs good engineering.

>> The best amplifiers have plain level controls....
> the best amplifiers have no controls,  an in and out only.
> the controls are on the pre amp

I would consider the preamp and amp as a unit, even when split into two
cases. There are also amps which are split into amp+preamp in one case,
power supply in the other.

IMO a preamp now needs only source switching and a level control, but I
do sometimes hanker after the Tilt control of the old Quad 44.

Don Cox
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