Yes, this is getting really bad since the "phishers" are now starting to create exact facsimiles of the real sites. I got one for Paypal recently. The link takes you to a site that looks just like Paypal. It isn't. The rule of thumb is don't log into any site unless you have chosen it via the actual URL in your browser. No legitimate site will ever send you an email asking you to log-in.

Graham Newton <[log in to unmask]> wrote:=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
A WARNING if you use E-bay...

There is a new "phishing" scheme (a method of getting your confidential
information for identity theft) that seems to have started in the past week.
Here's how it works:-

You get a message apparently from an E-bay member who asks for your comment
about a seller who received money and did not deliver goods. The sender says
that he was told you had done business with the person and gives a name.
Here is the one I received, although they may vary the message, you get the
idea of how it works.

Hi, I have recently had a bad transaction with an ebay member.Here are his
details: Christopher Keller,3422 Avenue,New York, 10001.I sent him the
payment for an item and it never arrived.Now he wont reply to my emails.
He said he made transactions on ebay before and you are one of his customers.
I have reported the incident to ebat and to the law authoritiesCan you help
me?Do you know this person?

The message gives you a button to click on to respond to the message via
E-bay BUT IT DOES NOT GO TO E-bay... instead it goes to an E-bay look-alike
webpage in the Ukraine where the phisher gathers your E-bay name and Password.


Instead, use your browser's "forward" feature to forward the entire message
including headers to E-bay at:-

[log in to unmask]

They are VERY interested in shutting down these people before they do some
serious damage!

... Graham Newton

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