From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

In the mood of the scenario that I posted about earlier today (but which has
not appeared as I write, because " ARSCLIST list is  held") I am considering
the following:

Some private collections are donated to public collections, generating tax
deductions in the process. It also generates work for valuers to find out
what these deductions might be. However, if receiving a collection puts a
burden on the receiving agency to digitize and maintain the collection, I
would expect that the deduction should properly be converted into a
supplementary tax burden on the donor. In other words, if the collection does
not come with the money to preserve it, then it could potentially be refused.

In a similar vein, the materials that could be privately inherited from a
"modern" collector could potentially be a payment of, say, ten years of
professional maintenance of the backup of the sounds he has collected. Such
payments could also be put up for public auction (similar to works of art
today). This message will self-destruct in 315,619,200 seconds. Inheritance
sucks. Or it certainly will, at some point in our development.

Kind regards,