From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

In my experience, there is no way that you can really provide a uniform sound
impression to a number of listeners unless you give them a headphone feed
each. Instead of investing in monitoring loudspeakers, invest in 8 pairs of
good headphones, a good multi-output driver amplifier and a sufficient number
of earpads to replace them when you have had visitors. If you want to
indicate to someone opening your door that there is sound inside, you can
make do with a simple loudspeaker. Not having a set of loudspeakers also
avoids any risk of injecting correlated acoustic signals via the record
surface and mechanical pickup.

Now, I use headphones to get the feeling of being close to the sound when I
work on recordings, and I never have to evaluate rib cage vibrating sound.
So, not everyone will agree with the above. Hower

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