Excuse me, but I have to say this. I'm interested in what several of the
posters have to say about sound discussion. However, I am not the slightest
bit interested in your political all. Can you please keep them
to yourselves and remain on topic?

Thank you.

Neal Lavon
Takoma Park, MD

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>> Curious that the cuts parallel the feelings of a lot of Americans, in
>> that many of us would like to completely erase the last five years in
>> American political history.
>> Steven Austin
> There was also an article, widely published here in Canada, that said
> that everything from Medicare to education to (other similar items)
> were being slashed in favour of the Iraq war and tax cuts for his
> upper-class buddies...
> Next, he repeals the fourteenth amendment and abrogates the Magna Carta...
> ...stevenc