Adrian wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> You can get a new one from Dale Pro Audio in NYC. (ask Danny Sbardella of Rodgers & Hammerstein, for the phone#) The Model Number is MX5050 BIII. A great machine in deed. One that works wouldn't be going for $50 to $100. A brand new one might run around $5000.
> Adrian Cosentini (co-chair ARSC Tech Comittee)
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This thread actually started when I asked Danny for a recommendation. I
have gone to Otari on the web and been referred to Dale who quoted me
more or less the figure you site (actually the deck w/playback head
comes to a convenient $5050, exactly ;-o)

Some other replies of interest are coming in but I am inclined, if funds
are available to go for the Otari and not chase after classic
30-year-old decks, even if they have the potential to be as good and are
much cheaper. I have too many other irons in the fire and too little
personal knowledge of electronics to start on that tack at this point.

Thanks so much,

Peter Hirsch