The "Buddy Bolden cylinder" is a legendary only recording of the
cornetist's band.

Steven Austin

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Here is a piece of correspondence that may interest some of you. If you
help Ms. Castellanos, please refer to her directly.

>Dear Kurt,
>Thank you so much for your quick reply.  Indeed we are looking for
>that involve an artifact or object that may be tied to an important
>in American History.  I kind of liken the story to Antique's Roadshow
>is much more elaborate and involved with a detective story twists and
>turns.  Often the best stories come from people just like you who
>to be very avid collectors!
>I would appreciate any fanning of this story query to any appropriate
>people or groups.
>I'm curious about this cylinder that you wrote about.  What kind of
>technology is that?  I have never heard of it before.
>Many thanks,
>Tania Castellanos
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>Subject: Re: History Detectives on PBS--Story Ideas
>I would suppose the most enduring mysteries have to do with the
>(or existence) of the Buddy Bolden cylinder or the Lincoln
>But since you seem to be looking for mysteries about objects that are
>to exist, I suppose those wouldn't qualify.
>There is a cylinder at the Belfer archive at Syracuse University that
>be a recording of Adelina Patti, a legendary opera singer. They haven't
>played it yet, as they are working on developing a laser player so that
>they can reproduce the sound without touching the groove.
>Certainly, there are many questions collectors would like to have
>or recordings they would like to have identified. I might have some
>interesting possibilities in my own collection - I would have to think
>about it.
>Would you like me to post your message to a couple of relevant internet
>discussion groups?
>At 11:32 AM 2/11/2005, you wrote:
> >Dear Mr. Nauck,
> >
> >I found your name and e-mail on the website.  My name
> >Tania Castellanos and I am writing to you on behalf of Lion
> >Television.  We are currently producing a documentary series titled
> >History Detectives that will air on PBS this summer.  I am writing to
> >because I am searching for new potential stories for the series.
> >
> >History Detectives is a national prime-time series about the
> >documentation and preservation of historic American buildings and
> >artifacts. The format of our program is an investigation of a
> >posed by an individual who is interested in learning the history
behind an
> >artifact or location and its possible historical significance.
> >
> >We are currently seeking story submissions from all over the country
> >regarding American buildings or artifacts that may be historically or
> >culturally significant.  The most promising ideas are historically
> >significant, and are still unsolved. The best objects belong to
people who
> >may not have a research background, but are enthusiastic about
> >history or the specific area that their object relates to.
> >
> >I would like to develop stories that would permit us to talk about
> >history of Blues or Jazz.  If you are aware of individuals that might
> >historical questions about objects (they don't have to be major
> >collectors) please let me know.
> >
> >For example, if there was someone who had a record but could not
> >the artist or the origin of the recording and wanted to know more
> >where the record came from or its place in the history of the Blues.
> >someone had an instrument that they thought once belonged to a well
> >artist or a piece of sheet music that they could not identify or
> >etc. that would work as well.  Also, if you have suggestions that you
> >might be relevant to our show, please let me know.
> >
> >Thank you for getting the word out to your colleagues.  Hopefully
> >will find a new and interesting story!  You can find out more about
> >series on the website as
> >well:
> detectives/
> >
> >Since we are currently in production, I look forward to hearing from
> >at your earliest convenience.
> >
> >Sincerely,
> >
> >Tania Castellanos
> >
> >
> >History Detectives
> >Lion Television/PBS
> >304 Hudson Street, 5th floor
> >NYC, NY 10013
> >212-206-8633
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