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Anyone have experience firing up a computer after a 15 year period of

Steve Smolian

Just as with tape, magnetic disc manufacturing has evolved considerably in
the last fifteen years.

About five years ago a friend gave me a ten year old IBM PS2 computer which
he had never used. I tried it and it would boot up but found many HD read
errors.  I reformatted the drive. About half the disc space was marked unusable but
I was able to use the rest.

A couple of months I fired it up again. It would not boot from the HD. I
haven't tried another reformat yet, though I intend to since it is the only
working machine I have which will read some IBM BASIC binary files that I would like
to retrieve (after they are transferred from 5-1/2 floppies that it won't

However this is all "ancient" computer technology, in the same category that
all we are using today will be 20 years from now.

Mike Csontos