I'm not sure why you wouldn't access all twelve drives through a single
nice computer, and it could hold your dBase files, too. You'd want a new
processor that wouldn't choke on a 10MB audio file. A cheap Dell would
suffice, and you could offer all the dinosaurs to libraries in
developing countries (and take the write-off)...

Steven Austin

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Okeh, another thought for all...

The (western) world is apparently becoming overrun with "obsolete"
486's and Pentium I's, for example. Could these not be equipped with
(I've seen 160GB selling for Cdn$99) and simply used for archiving data?

Also, I think I once computed that the storage of every known 78 as
(and I don't remember if I calculated .WAV files or a compressed format)
require about 3TB of space...or about 12 250GB drives (currently listing
Cdn$250 each), which could be on 6 "obsolete" machines, with six more as
backups (or 12 more?). Add another one running dBASE for metadata (dBASE
can be read by text editors!),

We save our archives and save space in our landfills!

Steven C. Barr