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Jim Lidner and the Dance Heritage Coalition just released a wonderful book on a recent video digitilization project it is available as a pdf, see the publications section of 

Sharon Owen and The Center for Oral and Public History ( ), California State University, Fullerton, put together a paper entitled "Digiting Audio for Archival and Preservation Purposes: A Step by Step Guide", you should really locate a copy of this paper.

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I am a grad student in the MLIS program at the University of
Washington, currently taking a class on Archiving.  I am working with
two other students on a group research paper, the topic of which is
"Digitizing Sound Files for Preservation and Access".  We want to
focus on the challenges of such projects, in terms of technology,
remote access, and (possibly) the surrounding legal issues.  What are the
challenges that Sound and Music Archivists currently face?  We would
appreciate any ideas, comments, or direction toward good literature
on this topic.

Thanks much!


John Erdmann
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