It seems that the ex-BASF/EMTEC production line of audio tape for 
mastering and studio recording purposes in Europe. Sorry 
for x-posting.

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Joachim Polzer

Here is the press release of RMG from a few days ago:



RMG International announces the availability of

EMTEC-Quality audio pancake tape

*Sample quantities will be available at the end of February/beginning 
of March 2005.

Production quantities is scheduled for April 2005.

EMTEC-Quality audio studio tape

*Samples will be available in May 2005.

Continuous supply starts in June 2005.

Recordable Media Group International B.V., Oosterhout, The Netherlands
has been accumulating 37 years of non-interrupted experience on 
magnetic tape manufacturing. With their highly skilled and experienced 
personnel and management, RMG International is fully dedicated to 
magnetic tape. A slim organisational structure enables low overhead.

When EMTEC closed down, RMG International acquired the EMTEC production 
and quality assurance equipment necessary to convert & complete the 
Oosterhout production lines to the EMTEC standards for audio tape 

RMG International has the EMTEC
_ production know how
_ formulations and
_ patents.

Former EMTEC key personnel is assisting in Oosterhout in order to 
maintain the EMTEC standards.

Following the installation of the EMTEC equipment and positive results 
of comprehensive studies on availability of the necessary raw 
materials, RMG International started prototype coating for audio 
pancake tape and is now preparing for studio tape.

RMG International, brief History
1968    Magnetic tape production for open reel and cassette tape started 
        RMG International Oosterhout plant when it was a Philips division.
1981    Joint Venture Philips-Dupont, PD Magnetics B.V., on magnetic tape 
        brand name PDM. _ Video tape for Video 2000 and VHS, 3480/90 data 
cartridges for
        IBM tape storage        systems.
1991    Installation of state of the art, new plant.
1993    SK, Germany, takes over the Oosterhout plant and renames into MPO 
        (Magnetic Products Oosterhout B.V.).
1998    New, state of the art, coating line goes into operation.
2004    April, renamed to Recordable Media Group International B.V..
2004    November, acquisition of assets and know how for the production 
of audio pancakes
        for duplication and blank loading and for audio studio tape from 
EMTEC Munich plant.

                Oosterhout, 4th February, 2005
Recordable Media Group International B.V.

Recordable Media Group International B.V.
Address:        Bredaseweg 108,
        4902 NS Oosterhout
        The Netherlands
P.O. Box:       137, 4900 AC Oosterhout, The Netherlands
Phone:  + 31  162  40 89 50
Fax:    + 31  162  46 26 11
Email:  [log in to unmask]