Hi Kevin,

Here's a list of some popular software programs you may want to check out:

Digital Audio Editors:
·     Pro-Tools (An industry standard) 
·     SADiE (works with CEDAR for audio restoration applications)
·     Sound Forge 7.0 (popular)
·     Wavelab (popular)
·     Adobe Audition (was Cool Edit)
·     SAWStudio (recommended) 
·     Samplitude Pro (recommended)
·     Media Cleaner (for batch conversions)

Digital Audio Processing Tools:
·     CEDAR (Excellent but very expensive)
·     Waves—Audio Restoration (Very good)

Ripping software:
·     Exact Audio Copy
·     CDWAV

Jonathan Wise
Canadian Museum of Civilization

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> Hello all,
> This is a follow-up to my format conundrum query a while
> back.  Thank you all for offering your suggestions on what I
> could use to replace 1/4" analog tape for archiving.  I have
> decided that, in addition to the CD-Rs that I generate of
> every original recording, I will begin to save .wav files to
> a 500GB hard drive.
> Now, my question is, what have those of you doing this found
> to be a high quality software to do the conversion to an
> uncompressed .wav file?
> Thank you,
> Kevin Irelan

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