External hard drives are an implied new storage medium for audio files of greater resolution that 44.1-16

Has anyone tested the stand-alone hard drive systems for longevity?  It seems to me that, once again, there is a stampede toward an untested storage medium because we want so badly for it to work.

We all have had near-death experiences with failing hard drives.  What makes one that plugs in any less vulnerable?

There was a flurry of postings a while ago which included some from a person who had been involved in manufacturing these.  I can't find a citation for it but perhaps some reader can.

Some feel that putting the drive on a shelf rather than running it continually will preserve it better.  Anyone ever hear stories about low-mileage cars kept on blocks for a year or so?  They are a repair facility's annuity.

If we have problems with magnetic media alone, why would the same technology be successful if it is also dependent on moving parts.  

Test, test, test.

Steve Smolian