Hi Alice,
Check the Radio Pacifica Archive, and the Other Mind Archive. Pacifica
is preserving and licensing material from the Pacifica Radio station
group, and Other Mind archives material from the classical station KPFA.
They're both doing interesting work.

Sue Salinger

Naropa Audio Archive Project
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to hear audio from the Kerouac School Collection, go to,
click through "audio" to "Naropa"

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Hello Karl,

I am student in the PCS program here at the School of Information. I'm
enrolled in Ellen's Preservation Reformatting class. For my final paper,
I would
like to do a report on the current state of radio archive preservation
in the US and in Europe. My current focus is on public radio and
programming, though the distinction may prove to be unimportant. If you
have a
chance, I would appreciate help with two questions:

1) Does the United States (or the FCC or the LOC) have any national
for radio archive preservation? I haven't been able to locate any,
though I
have found some standards for the BBC, the CBC, and EU countries. I
that the systems are different (nationalized versus privatized), but I'm
to determine if there is any model of standards developed within the US
which a
radio station *could* refer to (so perhaps I could compare those
standards to
the European standards I've found in order to suggest a more consistent
for best practices).

2) I have written to NPR, KUT, and KMFA to find out about current radio
preservation standards or practices that they employ and have thus far
no response. Do you know where I could find this information?

Thanks so much for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you at
earliest convenience.

Alice L. Johnston
Preservation and Conservation Studies
School of Information
University of Texas at Austin