Metadata as related to recording is a buzzword.  In the audio context It means, as I understand it, content information, engineering data for the recording event, and/or the details of the source sound carrier and what has been done to it in this stage of the preservation process.  

There are various projects underway to define what goes into this and where.  There is an AES standard (I forget the number) for broadcast but not for other purposes.  This standard is currently being adjusted for its own needs by NPR.  

I assume AES is working on one for rerecording and something will emerge in due course.  

The present question is how this information is to be added to what is being recorded when the soundfile is being made into a CD or other preservation medium.

It's format has to be retrievable and visible on a screen and be able to be printed when the preservation medium is played back.

I'm assuming this has to be added to the data file through the digital work station.  

I use Sound Forge primarily and am learning Wavelab.  Sound Forge 7 offered a way of typing in ID data but only displays about 30 characters at a time.  I'm not sure of its capacity.  There seems no way of adding an external source of such data such as Word, probably a pre-loaded form.  They have just announced SF 8.  I've called them.  They say this issue has not been addressed in the new version.  

How do others meet this requirement?    

Steven Smolian