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To:  PCC Partners
From:  Carolyn Sturtevant, BIBCO Coordinator, LC
Subject:  OCLC NACO Liaison correction

While the PCC website is undergoing extensive renovations deep in its foundations, the Coop Team regrets that it is severely limited in its ability to make changes to online documents and displays.  LC web experts are working hard to bring our large site into compliance with regulations for government Internet sites.  The renovations are projected to continue throughout the spring.

One address that receives much traffic is that of the NACO Liaison at OCLC.  Please note that Susan Westberg, long-time provider of NACO authorizations and other advice, is no longer in that position.  Her new duties keep her busy, and it would be great to eliminate messages that should be directed to the new keeper of NACO authorizations.  Thanks, Susan, for your patience while we wait for the opportunity to change our NACO Liaison information on the PCC website.

Please address your OCLC NACO questions to:

Luanne Goodson 
OCLC Quality Control Section 
Phone: (800) 848-5878 x5274 
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