I'm processing a collection that contains many examples of various types of
merchandise.  We're going to create digital images of representative
objects, rather than show every item.  My question has to do with how we're
going to link to these image files.

In the past, I have always linked to a <dao> from a component-level record
describing one named thing.  But in this collection, for certain groups of
materials, I prefer to write collective descriptions, such as:

[lots of tags omitted]

<unittitle>Walt Scott merchandise</unittitle>
<scopecontent><p>Coloring books, puzzles, squeeze toys, party

--and put the links into the <scopecontent> text:
<scopecontent><p><dao href="-------">Coloring books, </dao><dao
href="--------">puzzles, </dao><dao href="--------">squeeze toys, </dao>,
<dao href="--------">party decorations.</dao></p></scopecontent>

Does anyone see a potential problem in doing this, rather than creating a
separate <c> record for each type of item?  It's nice to have a <unittitle>
that matches the title or caption in your image file metadata, but is it
necessary?  Any comments--or even better, experience with this--would be
most welcome.

With thanks,

Amy McCrory
Archivist, Cartoon Research Library
023L Wexner Center
The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH
(614) 292-0538