Actually, this is not the case.   dsc4 does not assume that there are two containers.   Rather it assumes that certain container types- box, reel, carton and volume- will appear in the first column and others- folder, frame and page- will appear in the second column.  It looks for attribute types, not position within the did.  If there are two containers within a component and the first one repeats the value of the first container of the previous component, then its display is suppressed.  At least, this is the way it is supposed to work.  

The actual cause of your problem is a more fundamental flaw with the stylesheet (a couple of lines of missing code that would actually insert the container attribute values) which your message has called to my attention.     

I have just sent a corrected version of dsc4 to Stephen Yearl that he might update the file on the Help Pages web site.  In the meantime, if anyone else has this problem and needs the update immediately and can accept and xsl file through their firewall, please contact me and I will send it to you.

And if anyone else has a similar problem with other dsc stylesheets, please let me know.  


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It looks like you are trying to format for a two column display.  If you
are using the cookbook stylesheets, then I believe that every component
that has container info must have two <container> elements (the stylesheet
expects this pattern throughout the <dsc>) even if the data (such as a box
number) is repeated from the previous component.


On Wed, 16 Feb 2005, Emily Rafferty wrote:

> I have just finished encoding my first EAD finding aid and everything seems to be working well with the exception of the box and folder column headings which, no matter what I do, will not display.  The box and folder numbers display with no problem, it is just the headings that don't appear.  I am using stylesheets from the EAD Cookbook (eadcbs6 and dsc4).  Any ideas as to what might be going wrong?
> Here is an example of what I have done:
> <c03 level="file"><did>
>                <container id="b10" type="Box" label="Box ">10</container>
>                <container id="b10.1" type="Folder" label="Folder ">1</container>
>                <unittitle>Pa -- General;
>                </unittitle><physdesc><extent>5 items</extent></physdesc></did></c03>
> <c03 level="file"><did>
>                <container id="b10.2" type="Folder">2</container>
>                <unittitle>Pe-Pu -- General;
>                </unittitle><physdesc><extent>9 items</extent></physdesc></did></c03>
> Thank you for your help,
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