FLICC Online Course

Managing Copyright Issues Online

Making sense of copyright laws in today's environment can be a
daunting task: understanding the complications of copyright law
principles such as how and when the laws apply, what is exempted, what
is considered a fair use/dealing, and how these same principles are
applied to ever-evolving media like the Internet. This practical course
will guide you through the 'copyright maze' and provide clarity in
managing copyright issues in five areas:

* Reviewing general management issues--centralizing copyright
management, understanding copyright principles, exploring digital and
global copyright issues and valuing copyright

* Using copyright materials--managing copyright risk and permissions

* Licensing

* Protecting copyrights--performing a copyright audit

* Addressing advanced management issues--developing a written copyright
policy and a checklist for managing copyright issues; continuing
copyright education

How does this online course work? Twice a week, beginning Monday, March
7, 2005, you will receive e-lessons for 8 weeks (a total of 16 sessions)
and a self-marking quiz. During the course, participants will also be
part of an exclusive listserv where participants can discuss course
contents and ask questions.

Lesley Ellen Harris, author of several books on copyright including
Digital Licensing: A Practical Guide for Librarians, is the developer
and proctor for this course. She has also developed email tutorials on
digital licensing for the American Library Association and an
international version on Canadian copyright law. For more information on
Harris, visit her Web site at

Monday, March 7--Friday, April 29, 2005

FLICC Education Working Group

$99 (charge to FEDLINK Training Account/FT);
$109 (for all other transactions).

Registration includes e-lessons and listserv membership for 8 weeks.

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