FROM: Kathryn Mendenhall, Interim Executive Director
DATE: February 22, 2005
SUBJECT: FEDLINK Awards Serials BOAs for FY2006

FEDLINK has just announced seven basic ordering agreements (BOAs) for 2006 serials subscription services. (Vendors and contact information follow.) Using a competitive procurement to determine vendors' ability to provide full serials subscription services to federal libraries, FEDLINK established these agreements with leading serials agents to streamline procurement procedures for its customers and to help them meet the requirements of Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR).

Vendors can provide basic serials subscription services including placing new and renewal orders with publishers, prepaying publishers, claiming missing issues and providing a range of administrative services including routine price, publication information and management reports. Some vendors can provide additional serials management and automation services, e.g., checking in and processing issues; downloading data to the customer's online system; or managing access to electronic journals. Each customer's total cost is determined by a quote from the vendor on the agency's individual title list and technical requirements.

Agency Competitions Can Begin

Individual agency requirements for subscription service vary widely, based on the agency's particular title/publisher list, number of shipping/consignee addresses, and additional technical and automated serials control requirements. Within the basic framework of the LC/FEDLINK BOAs, FEDLINK customers must determine which of the vendors is best suited to the local agency's needs by competing the serials subscription services orders. This competition secures the best technical service for a particular agency at the best price.

For new transfer pay customers (or those who wish to compete again for the current year) with a serials order greater than $25,000, LC/Contracts and Grants Management staff will issue a Request for Quotation (RFQ) to the vendors. For the RFQ customers must supply a reliable title list that includes ISSNs (international standard serial number) and subscription periods, ship-to information, and a description of any technical requirements for optional services such as check-in or union listing.

IMPORTANT: All Requests for Quotations must include the FEDLINK ID and must indicate that the order will be placed under the FEDLINK program.

Transfer pay customers should complete an Intent to Compete Serials Subscriptions form. Details are available at the FEDLINK Web site Members may use the form as a cover sheet to submit an electronic title list and, if necessary, any special technical requirements. (Both of these items may be emailed to [log in to unmask]) All transfer pay serials requirements must be sent to LC/OCGM no later than May 15, 2005 for FY2006 funds and January 2006 (or earlier) subscription start dates.

Competitions for accounts over $25,000 also require an announcement on the Federal Business Opportunities Web site at

As an added service, LC's Office of Contracts & Grants Management (LC/OCGM) will prepare these announcements for transfer pay customers.

Direct pay customers will need to work directly with their agencies' contracting officials. FEDLINK will authorize direct pay serials purchase orders based on a certification from the agency's contracting officer that competition requirements for the order have been satisfied.

Both transfer pay and direct pay customers may select a vendor based solely on the vendor's service fee or based on a combination of technical and cost factors. FEDLINK's contracting office or the contracting officer's technical representative can help analyze the best approach, based on requirements.

Expert Assistance Available from FEDLINK

LC/FEDLINK contracting officers and FEDLINK network librarians have worked closely with members on hundreds of serials competitions and are available to help both transfer pay and direct pay customers with the Fiscal Year 2006 competitions.

FEDLINK is also offering two 2006 Serials Subscription--RFQ Recompetition Briefings, on February 25, 2005 and March 15, 2005 at the Library of Congress. The March 15 briefing will be video taped and available from the FLICC/FEDLINK Online Video Library at by April 1, 2005.

For individual assistance for preparing for competition, customers may contact Georgette Harris at (202) 707-4850 or Tony Lembo at (202) 707-0459.

Serials Vendors for FY 2006

American Overseas Book Company, Inc.
550 Walnut Street 
Norwood, NJ 07648
Contact: Janine R. Frigerio, Director of Subscriber Services
Phone: 201-767-7600
Fax: 201-784-0263
Email: [log in to unmask] 
Web Site: 
BOA #LC05G7105
The American Overseas Book Company, Inc. (AOBC) offers its complete serial subscription management services to provide for new and renewal subscription orders, claiming and publisher payments for both transfer and direct pay. Subscription orders may be for single or multiple addresses, for both print and online titles and for either domestic or foreign sources. AOBC offers journal check-in services and subscription management services to reduce daily administration functions. AOBC offers these services as well as its book sales and ILL fee payment services. The American Overseas Book Company is a certified woman-owned small business.

Basch Subscriptions, Inc.
1474 North Point Village Ctr., #750
Reston, VA 20194
Contact: Janice McIntyre, Federal Contracts Manager
Phone: 703-787-9810
Fax: 703-787-9817
Email: [log in to unmask] 
or [log in to unmask] 
Web Site: 
BOA #LC05G7101
Basch Subscriptions, Inc. offers foreign or domestic titles in any subject category and in any format available from publishers to subscription agencies for both transfer and direct pay. Orders are prepaid and a single point of contact handles all correspondence concerning new orders, renewals, claims, cancellations, address changes, quantity changes, money adjustments, subscription period changes and other subscription-related services. All clients have access to the Web-based system, BOSS (Basch Online Subscription Service), to place orders and claims, view order information and manage and link to electronic journals. They also offer e-journal management services, and their Journal Check-In Service, EDI services among other reports and system output in electronic and/or print format. Basch Subscriptions is certified as a small, veteran-owned company.

EBSCO Subscription Services--EBSCO Information Services
2801 Youngfield St., Suite 120
Golden, CO 80401
Contact: Margaret Covey, Operations Manager
Phone: 1-800-727-1077 ext. 738
Fax: 303-237-1752
Email: [log in to unmask] 
Web Site: 
BOA #LC05G7104
EBSCO offers libraries and institutions the simplicity of placing one order, receiving one invoice and making one payment for most of their journal subscriptions for both transfer and direct pay. EBSCO works with serials and magazines from publishers worldwide and can place individual orders for titles in any format including print, print plus online and online only. EBSCO also handles publisher packages of titles. Their Web-based services include  EBSCONETŪ, which provides immediate online search, order, and claim results, EBSCO hostŪ, and Electronic Journal ServicesŪ, their electronic journal access service. Transfer and direct pay options.

65174 Wiesbaden, Germany
Contact: Dena J. Schoen, Regional Manager, North America
Phone: 1-800-348-6886
Fax: 1-800-574-5732
Email: [log in to unmask] 
Web Site: 
BOA #LC05G7103
HARRASSOWITZ specializes in the distribution of scholarly books, periodicals, e-journals, and music scores to academic and research libraries. Known as library agents for German-language materials, they also offer a growing number of non-German materials from Continental Europe, the United Kingdom and North America. They provide approval plans for the German Cultural Area, monographic firm orders for Continental Europe, standing orders for Continental Europe and periodicals subscriptions for the entire world. Additionally, they provide a variety of technical services and workflow solutions. Both transfer and direct pay options are available.

Swets Information Services, Inc.
160 Ninth Avenue
Runnemede, NJ 08078-1126
Contact: Robert D. Magee, Government Account Administrator
Phone: 1-800-645-6595 ext. 2117
Fax: 856-312-2496
Email: [log in to unmask] 
Web Site: 
BOA #LC05G7108
Swets Information Services, Inc. supplies journals and information management services to libraries and information centers within academic, corporate, medical and government markets worldwide. An information services provider continuously since 1901, Swets offers a full range of professional serial management services, including the set-up and management of both print and electronic subscriptions, and the ordering, renewing, claiming, invoicing, consolidating and brokering of subscription content. Both transfer and direct pay options are available.

Wolper Subscription Services, Inc.
6 Centre Square, Suite 202
Easton, PA 18042
Contact: JoAnne Kelley, National Sales Manager
Phone: 617-327-3971
Fax: 617-469-0943
Email: [log in to unmask] 
Web Site: 
BOA #LC05G7107
Wolper Subscription Services, Inc. is a certified woman-owned small business providing the full spectrum of customized and personalized on- and off-line serials management services and integration solutions. They have 28 years of experience servicing libraries, information centers and Fortune 500 clients. They provide domestic and foreign serials in print and all electronic media formats for both transfer and direct pay.

W. T. Cox Subscriptions
201 Village Road
Shallotte, NC 28470
Contact: Debra M. Knox, Director of Business Development/Contract Services
Phone: 1-800-571-9554 ext. 215
Fax: (910) 755-6274
Email: [log in to unmask] 
Web Site: 
BOA #LC05G7102
W.T. Cox Subscriptions offers print subscriptions for new and renewal orders to publishers worldwide. Their system is open architecturally and can accommodate orders for both single and multiple addresses and recipients within each agency. Value added benefits include management reports, a personal customer service representative, free tracking software for serial collections and CoxNet, their "real time" online system for order and claim capabilities. W.T. Cox  Subscriptions is a small business. Only available under transfer pay.

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