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> For this reason, I do not think that MADS is a good substitute for
> including that informations within MODS itself

It isn't. The <name> element in MODS has <affiliation> and
<displayForm> for the affiliation and name, respectively, as they appear
in the text. Also, <namePart> for a parsed format of the name as it
appears in the text if needed. MADS complements this by providing forms
that don't appear in the text but are necessary for some bibliography
styles, such as abbreviations and alternate scripts.

> An aspect that Bruce brought up.  MODS itself does not seem to have
> method of recording the ordinal position of an author in a resource
> multiple authors.  Does it strictly rely on position within the
> for author ordination? It seems an explicit method of indication
> would be needed. Does the ID attribute do that? Nowhere in the
> documentation that I have read is there a description or example
> would indicate how that might function (unambiguously) if the ID
> attribute was used.

Why does the order of elements not suffice? XML parsers don't change
the order of children when they parse the document, and XSLT processors
maintain document order when an <apply-templates> or <for-each> matches
multiple nodes.