We differ aesthetically. As I see it, having controlled lists that are
maintained outside the LoC's purview--and so not part of MODS
proper--defined in another namespace, is a feature rather than a bug.


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So we have another place where the limitations of XSD condition where
MODS can go.

Having to separately namespace this stuff is a really ugly hack.  What
I have in mind is something like this in RNG:

Genre = GenreLists
GenreLists = Genres-MARC | notAllowed
Genres-MARC = element genre { attribute authority { "marcgt"},
        | "poem"
        | "report"

I've not tested the above, but the basic idea is that you have a
definition ("GenreLists") which explicitly allows extension (the
of notAllowed, IIRC, allows for this extension).  Those extensions can
be maintained as separate files, and basically plugged in at will.  So
one organization has their own authority list; they can easily add the
extension to control their document production.

Again, as before, there's no need to do any separate namespacing for
any extensions.