On Feb 17, 2005, at 5:46 PM, Karen Coyle wrote:

> I've actually never seen a citation with this -- or perhaps I wouldn't
> know if I had seen one ;-). Can you offer us an example?

I should add that I don't remember seeing them either, until I heard
from some scholars who work in multiple languages.

Here's a concise explanation from an historian who studies Japanese

> The norm, in cases where the kanji is given as follows:
> Tanaka Ichiro KANJI. 1988. _Zengaku nyumon_ KANJI.
> Note that there is no parenthesis or any punctuation except for a
> space before the KANJI, and the KANJI for the book title is not
> italicized (and there is no translation here, though that is
> sometimes, though rarely, added.).

I then talked to my colleague -- whose area speciality is China -- and
he showed me similar examples in Cyrillic and Mandarin (IIRC).

In cases where one is working across scripts, in particular, both forms
are typically output.  I assume even in the same script that it's
common to include original and translated titles (though MODS already
has this case covered).