Excuse the upstart lurker.

In my misspent youth I cataloged and  managed a very large card catalog.  The principle behind the use of a single authorized name was collocation.  And this was to provide a manageable way for the library to present a list of all the works by an author in a card catalog.  It was cost prohibitive to do it any other way.

As I read this I began to think that we should rethink the philosophy of a single authorized version of the name to which all other variants are linked.  Instead we could link multiple versions to a name identifier.   

Excuse me if this has been debated to death on this list I can read only a small number of the posts.

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Of course. I should have made explicit that the string-manipulation is
done on the abbreviated name, not the full form of the name:

  <name type="personal">
    <namePart type="given">Bob T.</namePart>
    <namePart type="family">Smith</namePart>
<variant type="abbreviation">
  <name type="personal">
    <namePart type="given">R. T.</namePart>
    <namePart type="family">Smith</namePart>

(The record for Shin Ryu-un from an earlier post is another example of
the abbreviation needing to be made explicit.)


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Actually, wouldn't "Smith, Bob" become "Smith, R." if converted to
initials? This stuff is always much more complicated than it looks at