Network Bulletin No. 05-07

Date:       February 11, 2005

Subject:    Excess and redistribution program (XESS)
Index term:         Spring 2005 cycle announced

__Procedures for submitting lists to XESS.  Please read carefully.__

The excess (XESS) system enables network libraries to remove unneeded copies of recorded and braille
books from their collections and to forward them to other libraries that need them.  This directive provides
information on adding selected ("weeded") items to the consolidated list prepared by NLS and on
requesting items for your collections from other participating libraries.

Please observe the following deadlines and instructions for the Spring 2005 XESS cycle:

1.  Initial submission of XESS list
Changes affecting deliveries to the United States Postal Service (USPS) have resulted in the delay of
first-class mail to NLS.  Do not send XESS lists to NLS.  Please send your lists of offered books directly to
Data Management at the following address:

Rose Anderson
Data Management
3225 Jordan Boulevard
Malabar, FL 32950

We suggest that you send these lists by a commercial carrier or the USPS in a way that will ensure a
tracking number is assigned to the package. __ Whether you send the list by mail, UPS, or another
commercial carrier, notify Dorothy Moore at NLS of the date it was sent, the number of pages in the
list, and the number of entries.  She can be contacted at NLS via e-mail [log in to unmask] or telephone
(202) 707-0775__

__Network libraries can now identify (and print out) a range of book numbers on Webnet.  The
library's CMLS code will automatically be added to each page.  There will be a space by each book
number for the quantity of excess copies listed.

Alternatively, XESS lists may be submitted electronically as an attachment to an e-mail message.  If
you choose this option, contact Dorothy Moore who will arrange for Data Management to contact
your library to discuss file structure.__

Deadlines observed
Libraries must observe the initial deadline for submitting lists of offered books. __ The deadlines will
remain the same regardless of how the lists are submitted.__  Book lists that arrive at Data Management
after the deadline of March 31 for the Spring cycle or August 31 for the Fall cycle will be held for the next
cycle.  NLS will notify individual libraries that their lists are being held.

ID numbers and format codes required
Libraries must write their identification (ID) code and the format code at the top of each sheet of offered
books.  Lists omitting the library's ID code or the format (medium) code (BR, FD, RC, RD, or TB) cannot
be processed.  Such lists will be returned to the offering library, which should add the information and
resubmit to NLS for the next cycle.

Condition of materials
Other libraries will be requesting the books you are weeding.  These books must be in good condition.
Books that are not usable are to be discarded.  See Network Library Manual Section 6.11.

2.    Review of consolidated lists
The XESS contractor, Data Management, will input the data, prepare the consolidated lists, and send all
libraries a consolidated list within four full weeks after the start of the cycle.  Libraries are given four weeks
from the date of shipping by the contractor to review and return marked sheets from the consolidated list of
offered books.  This schedule should allow sufficient time for transit both ways with time to select books.
Data Management cannot process returned sheets from the consolidated list if they arrive after the cutoff
date or if the library fails to mark its ID code on each returned sheet.  Sheets received late or incomplete
will be returned to the library with an explanation.

3.    Revised XESS instructions
For your convenience NLS has attached separate instructions for preparing XESS lists.  These include all
information now covered in Network Library Manual Section 6.8.5 as well as the information given above.
NLS will send updated directions with each future XESS cycle.

Announcement of Spring 2005 XESS cycle
Cycle One of the 2005 XESS book redistribution program will begin April 1, 2005.  Southern and western
libraries must submit their lists of offered books so as to reach Data Management no later than March 31,
2005 (or March 29, 2005, for electronic files).

Northern and midlands libraries that need to offer books out of cycle must first discuss this with the head of
the Network Services Section (NSS) or the XESS coordinator.

All libraries may request titles from the consolidated list of books offered.

Libraries participating in XESS that receive mailing cards to send books to other libraries should send the
books before the next XESS cycle.  Otherwise, the requesting library may assume that they are not
available and request them again.

The cutoff numbers for books that can be offered in the Spring 2005 cycle are as follows:

BR 14000            FD 39885
RC 54000            RD 24200

For further information contact:

Stephen Prine
Head, Network Services Section

Attachment:  Instructions for Preparing XESS Lists______________________________________________________________________________

Instructions for Preparing XESS Lists

1.   Forms to use:  List weeded copies in usable condition on the Excess Materials
Lit (Form 73-L-122aA).  See sample attached.  You may photocopy this blank form
or order copies from your multistate center as MSC stock number FR 122A.

2.   Arrangement for book lists:  Use separate sheets to list items that are different
formats.  Use the two-character book-number prefixes:

BR   -      Braille
TB   -      Talking books (numbers 1-4815 only)
RD   -      Rigid disc
FD   -      Flexible disc
RC   -      Recorded cassette (15/16 ips)

Libraries are required to offer flexible-disc (FD) books through XESS.

3.   Data required on each page:
On the first sheet for each book format, include:

your library identification (ID) code as used in the Comprehensive Mailing List
System (CMLS)
address of your library

On successive sheets for each book format, include:

Library ID code and
two-character book-number prefix designating the book format
(It is not necessary to list your library address on every successive sheet, but your
library ID code and the two-character book-number prefix must be listed on each
sheet or your list will be returned to your library with a request that the information
be added and the list be returned to NLS for the next XESS cycle.)

 4.  Copies  to be offered:  Mark the number of usable copies being offered for
each book.  List only books in the NLS union catalog.  The NLS automated catalog
is used to create a basic list of book numbers with abbreviated author's name and
book title.  Libraries that offer books not present in the automated catalog will not
receive mailing cards or disposal instructions for those books.

5.     Multipart books:  For multipart books, do not add two-part designations such as
12345-A or 12345-2.  Offer only complete multipart books and mark only the
numeral of the book number, not the suffix.

6.  Cutoff numbers:  The cutoff numbers for books that can be offered in the 2005
 Spring cycle are:

BR 14000
RC 54000
FD 39885
RD 24200

Books that are numbered higher than the cutoff numbers listed above should not be
listed unless production dates prior to August 2003 appear on the title page or
container.  Do not list books with a production date of August 2003 or later.

7.  Deadline for receipt at Data Management:  After compiling your XESS lists,
send them in sufficient time to arrive at Data Management before the cutoff dates:
March 31 and August 31.  Lists received after those dates will be held until the next

Send lists to:

Rose Anderson
Data Management
3225 Jordan Boulevard
Malabar, FL  32950

8.  Storage of weeded copies:  Libraries are strongly advised to store weeded copies
where they can be quickly retrieved.  Copies left in place should be marked to
distinguish them as weeded or shelved separately by medium in numerical sequence.
When books are stored in mail bags or tubs, it is difficult to retrieve copies requested
by other libraries and to sort out copies authorized for disposal.

9.  Questions about XESS:  Libraries that have questions about XESS or these
instructions should contact the head of the Network Services Section (NSS) at the
NLS toll-free number 1-800-424-8567 or (202) 707-9245.


Attachment:  Form 73-L-122aA (Excess Materials List) was mailed with the
Network Bulletin.