At 08:35 AM 3/15/2005, Damien Moody wrote:
>It seems to me that what we really need is competent programmers and IT
>professionals to perform a thorough analysis of the needs of the a/v
>community to create truly usable and customizable software. IT isn't nasty
>stuff - but the output of IT efforts, as with anything else, can be. In IT
>there is a very under-utilitized, mis-utilitzed and misunderstood concept
>called "systems analysis and design". That is, a bit simplistically
>perhaps, but truly enough, all that we need.

That is truly what we need on a global basis. I wish I could figure out a
way to make it happen. We have the beginnings of this stuff like MARC,
Dublin Core, AAF, MXF, BWF, MPEG-7. It's all out there--too much is out
there, actually!

The bad news is there are probably archives putting metadata in all these



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