At 10:40 AM 3/15/2005 -0500, Steven Smolian wrote:
>Someone suggested making a CD but not finalizing it.  Add text from a form
>we al agree upon (!) in Word as a datafile on the same CD, then finalize.
>He says it works.
>Does it?  Can it?  It would sure simplify things for those of us looking for
>a way of avoiding the "what is really a preservation solution" for the over
>44.1 crowd.
>Steve Smolian

Most assuredly, it does. The disc may be written in the standard format,
CDExtra, or in its semi-formal counterpart, Enhanced CD. In CDExtra, both
sessions (audio first, then data) are written in a single sitting with an
extra folder and files that are irrelevant in practice. An Enhanced CD is
written in two sittings, the first audio (leaving the disc open), the
second data with no added files or folders.

In either case, the data are unconstrained. I recommend including TXT files
and using strict ISO 9660 naming. In that way, you have maximum
cross-platform compatibility. The information in the TXT files may be
duplicated in formatted files of your choice, of course and such
conveniences as graphics of labels are easily included.

I have written such discs with both Roxio's and Ahead's software and found
no difficulty writing or reading either. Because audio players are
single-session, they 'see' only the CD-DA session. Because almost all
CD-ROM drives are multisession, they see the data session easily, but will
play the audio session on command.

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