andy kolovos wrote:

> It's easy to enter data into the RIFF, but how one does it varies
> greatly between software packages.  Furthermore not all audio editors
> support RIFF viewing and editing, nor do all audio editors support .bwf
> files.

So, what audio editors use the bwf extension?  As I understand it, none

John Spencer included a very nice FAQ based link in his reply.  Check
out the question "Is the file extension for a BWF file .bwf?"

Here's another good link.

> On another note, while Adobe Audition 1.0 won't support (or at least
> won't let you save) BWF files with .bwf extensions, it seems to have no
> trouble opening and dealing with BWF files with .wav extensions.

Again, John's link should have your answer to this.

Angie Dickinson
Avocado Productions