> So, what audio editors use the bwf extension?  As I understand it, none
> should.

My guess is probably older ones!  Which ones, I couldn't tell you.  I
have yet to identify one in our price range that did, and when I was
buying software anything over $300 was out of our price range.  I assume
that there must be editors out there that can/could since, from all that
I've seen, the .bwf exentension existed at some point.  Up until at
least two years ago the Quadriga system created BWF files with .bwf
extensions.  Currently the Marantz PMD670 gives one an option of
creating BWF files with .bwf extensions (as well as standard WAV files
and BWF with .wav extension)--so at some point a .bwf extension did
exist, and continues to linger.

That FAQ was updated this January, so perhaps the BWF format folded
fully into the WAV at some pont after the PMD670 hit the market.


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