I use Mitsui Gold, unbranded surface, 74 min, 650 MB.  These are CD-R and
not rewriteable.  For preservation purposes I would not go above the the 74
min/650mb.  For the User copies, that is a different story, as many people
are going to be getting their hands on them, and from experience, a lot of
people do not know how to hold a CD, thus fingerprints etc occur.

There are problems I have encountered with 80 min CD-r's and especially if
you fill the entire CD to the limit.  Some will simply not play in a player
at all.  I would not even consider re-writeable CD's when archiving.

Personally, I have used DVD's as a backup only and I must admit, I do not
trust them. I prefer to have my backups on a separate hard drive and then
backed up again to tape.  Call me paranoid, but this is valuable audio we
are preserving.

Hope this helps a little.

Marie O'Connell
Sound Archivist
Mississippi Department of Archives & History
200 North Street
Jackson, MS, 39201
Ph: 601-576-6909

Anonymous SET ARSCLIST DIGEST wrote:

> In his post Dave Nolan said,
> ...writable CD/DVD copies are turning out to have SO many problems with
> longevity past 10 years that it seems that they are NOT good long-term
> archival storage media.
> Could you please elaborate on this.
> Thank you,
> Kevin Irelan