You might want to look into some of these portable stereo preamps/a>ds
for field recording.  I do tons of this, so feel free to pick my brain if
you're looking for more input.

1. Grace Desings Lunatec V2 (stereo mic preamp)
2. Grace Designs Lunatec V3 (stereo mic preamp/a>D converter)
3. Beyer MV100 (stereo mic preamp)
4. Edirol UA5 (Stereo mic preamp/a>d)(can be modded for standalone digi
output very simply)
   Doug Oade of the Oade Brothers also mods these to sound beautiful!
5. Oade m148 (stereo mic preamp - fixed gain)
6. Oade m248 (stereo mic preamp - variable gain)
7. AEA PSP2  (Stereo mic preamp)
8. AEA PSP3  (Stereo mic preamp)
9. Sonosax SXM2 (stereo Mic preamp)
10. Sound Devices MP2 (Stereo Mic Preamp)
11. Sound Devices 722 (stereo Mic Preamp, a/d converter, hard disc recorder)

So many more, but I'm running out of the office.  If you want more info
about any of the above, feel free to email me.  This is a passion of mine,
so I have no problems discussing ;)

Heath Condiotte
Audio Engineer
Xepa Digital
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Just wanted to tap the collective skills of those list members engaged
in field recording.  I'm interested in hearing what mobile mic pre-amps
people recommend for interview and music field recording.  Stand alone
boxes, in-line doo-dads and field mixers are all of interest.  Price
ranges from around $1,000 to two bits are appropriate, but my main
interest is in learning about decent stuff in the $50 to $450 range.

This is something I've been thinking about personally, but I also want
to expand the discussion of portable mic pre-amps on the field recording
webpage I maintain for the job:

Thanks in advance,


Andy Kolovos
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