Well I read the patent, if it is the same presentation. It is my opinion
that in some cases the backcoating is the bad actor or certainly contributes
to sticky shed problems. In particular the most severe cases where the paint
literally comes of the base - seems to sometimes be because the adhesion
between the backcoat and the binder is stronger then the binder and the
base. I have no research to support this - just based on some experience. I
am not convinced, however, that backcoating is the bad actor in most cases
as the patent claims.

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There is a paper being given at ARSC about a new process for removing the

Since SSS has happened, we've been told that it was just coincidental
that back
coating and the "bad" binder formulation happened at the same time. Indeed,
some tapes that are back coated don't have the problem.

I'm sure all of you have experienced "Xerox" copies that welded themselves
vinyl binders...

So, Jim, do you have any further info on back coating's interaction or
do we all
wait for the paper at ARSC?



Richard L. Hess

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> Acetate tapes never had a back coat either. Hmmm.
> jim lindner