To date, I haven't run across ANY Zonal tape that has developed "sticky shed" (if by that phrase you mean binder hydrolysis). We have Zonal sample material going back to about 1962 up through the late 90's, and it all seems to be in pretty good shape. I don't have much info on what the chemistry of their binder was (manufacturers don't typically divulge their "trade secrets", but most of the European manufacturers managed to steer clear of the binder problems that plagued domestic US manufacturers. Also, to the best of my knowledge, there aren't any cases of binder hydrolysis related to acetate base material. (Richard Hess or Jim Wheeler may have some other commentary on this).

The 1960's era tapes have some issues with shedding, but nothing more serious than what we've seen on other formulations (mostly Ampex, Audio Magnetics, BASF, AGFA and 3M).

Likewise, we did a batch of 1960's vintage Telefunken tapes recently that also seemed to be in pretty good condition. I'm not sure if they did their own manufacturing, or if it was contracted out to BASF, but the material seems to hold up pretty well.

Scott D. Smith

Chicago Audio Works, Inc.

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Dear All,
Does anyone out there have any information on late 1960s Zonal tape?  I need to know how likely it is that these tapes have sticky tape syndrom.

Many thanks in advance.
Almut Boehme

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